In an assessment of Kennetmouth by WBC last year, it was claimed that the “site is not considered to be of particular local significance and HOLDS NO FORMAL RECREATIONAL VALUE. The area of land is safeguarded for strategic transport network improvements… notably a high quality express bus service or mass rapid transit “.

Please sign and share SOAR’s new petition which is calling for Wokingham Borough Council to designate the Thames Path east of Kennetmouth as protected Local Green Space.

We were saddened and angry to see that Wokingham Borough Council did not recommend the riverside as a Local Green Space. Here is our full response to WBC. SOAR Response to Topic Paper Local Green Space 2020 January 2020

Green spaces even more important since Covid19 The riverside residents and visitors allows socially distanced access to extensive green space, walks  read more….

Who we are

We are a group of people who care about our riverside. It is one of the last areas of green space where the Kennet meets the Thames. The well loved area is used by locals and visitors, as a commute, cycle route, gentle stroll, play area and beauty spot. 

Reading and Wokingham Borough councils have attempted to build on our beautiful riverside for decades. Each time they have been fought off by people who care about the area. We are determined to continue to protect the biodiversity & beauty of the riverside for visitors, cycles, walkers, runners and families for years to come. 

What was the East Reading MRT?

In simple, plain terms the MRT was a concrete flyover for buses that was planned to stretch from Thames Valley Park in Earley over the Kennet Mouth, through Coal Woodland and then link up with Napier Road in Reading. It required the wholesale destruction of green space including the felling of well over 700 trees, and it would have ruined a beautiful riverside path with an unsightly concrete bridge. Local people and users of the Thames Path were expected to put up with pollution and noise during the build, which would have taken several years, and of course when the bridge was in operation. See the top 10 reasons to object to the East Reading MRT.

Stopping the East Reading MRT

On 19 December 2018 we beat the MRT! At least for now. You can read more about our campaign here. It was an amazing victory for local people who had worked tirelessly for two years, in the face of stubborn and at times disdainful treatment from Reading Cllrs.

Incredibly the fight is not over

Sadly Reading Borough Council still argue the only way to reduce congestion in east Reading is with another road between Thames Valley Park and the town centre. Unpopular public transport plan could return to East Reading. SOAR will not stop fighting until our riverside is properly protected.

Wonderful Oak!

An Oak tree is home to many creatures. Can you guess how many species?

Over 500 species!

Protect Oak Ecosystems, has produced the most comprehensive list of species known to use native oak trees. Out of the species surveyed, 326 were completely dependent on oak and a further 229 highly reliant on the tree.

These 555 species are most at risk from any decline in oak health and include the oak lutestring moth, oak polypore fungi and oak leaf-roller beetle.