OBJECT NOW to the East Reading MRT

This is an old post. It is part of our archive, which records our successful campaign against the East Reading MRT in 2017 and 2018.

Send your Objection to Reading Council

Send your Objection to Wokingham Council

Anyone can object! You don’t need to live locally or be a resident in Reading or Wokingham. If you don’t want a concrete flyover along the Thames Path and over the Kennet Mouth then let Reading and Wokingham Councils know. We recommend submitting your objection to both applications.

How to submit an objection

  • Click one of the Object buttons above
  • You will be taken to Reading or Wokingham’s planinng portal.
  • Scroll down to ‘Comment
  • Fill in the form and next to ‘Do you want to’ select ‘Object
  • You can also email Richard.Eatough@reading.gov.uk and/or graham.vaughan@wokingham.gov.uk.
object now to stop the East Reading MRT

Object Now to the East Reading MRT

Let Wokingham Council know that you object to the concrete flyover known as the East Reading MRT.

Your last objection probably still applies

Reading’s Deputy Lead Councillor Tony Page has admitted that little has changed between this application and the last one.  If you submitted an  objection to the last application it is very likely that your reasons for objecting will still  apply, BUT your last objection WON’T BE CARRIED OVER to this application so make sure you submit again at 182892 Land Between Thames Valley Business Park And Napier Road Roading.

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