RBC Strategic Planning meeting 02 July – SOAR keep up the pressure

Following the rejection of the East Reading MRT by Wokingham Council on 25 June 2018, SOAR were at the Reading Borough Council Strategic Planning meeting to apply pressure on RBC to drop the MRT.

John from SOAR questioning Reading Council's Strategic Planning meeting.
John from SOAR at Reading Council Strategic Planning meeting 02 July 2018

Skip to 8.15 to see SOAR campaigner John Mullaney clash with a slightly grumpy Chairperson, and reasserting Wokingham Labour councillor and MRT opponent Andy Croy’s observation that Reading’s MRT isn’t actually an MRT at all.

You won’t find another MRT on the planet which is simply a glorified bus lane and which for half its length would have still shared road space with regular vehicles. Because it wouldn’t have been segregated from regular traffic, the scheme would have been just as vulnerable to congestion delays as any other vehicle. There’d have been nothing Rapid about it. It makes as much sense to claim that this scheme was an MRT, as to suggest that a pigeon is capable of supersonic flight.

John Mullaney, SOAR

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