Green spaces even more important since Covid19

Second path at Kennetmouth allows socially distanced access to green space during the pandemic

Open spaces have never been so in demand as during the outbreak of Covid19. During the pandemic, this strip of land at Kennetmouth has made it possible for people to access the wider green space, beyond the Dreadnought and the Waterside Centre, on foot, whilst observing social distancing. Prior to Covid, SOAR had suggested that since the path is so heavily used, a second path on that line be established to relieve the pressure on the main path. This has now happened simply as a result of the number people walking along it . If this area was built over that would no longer be possible.The pandemic has highlighted the significance of green spaces away from traffic and councils have been instructed by central government to increase the roll out of pedestrian and cycle routes distanced from traffic, not lessen them. 

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