Sign our petition to give protected status to our riverside

Please sign and share SOAR’s brand new petition which is calling for Wokingham Borough Council to designate the Thames Path east of Kennetmouth as protected Local Green Space.

In an assessment of Kennetmouth by WBC last year, it was claimed that the “site is not considered to be of particular local significance and HOLDS NO FORMAL RECREATIONAL VALUE. The area of land is safeguarded for strategic transport network improvements… notably a high quality express bus service or mass rapid transit “.

Please let Wokingham Council know that this is a total misrepresentation of the community’s feeling towards this beloved Green Space – a location which has been a lifeline during the pandemic.

Let them know that we want this area of land preserved as Green Space and DO NOT want to see it earmarked for a future development like the MRT – a scheme which Wokingham Council rejected after unprecedented levels of opposition.

Signatures are welcome from everyone and anyone who values the environment and who believes the Thames Path is a national asset which needs protecting from unwanted development.

When filling out the address field, please identify if you work, live or study in Wokingham by adding WBC VOTER – this will help the effectiveness of our campaign.

Thanks for signing and please share the petition far and wide. 🙂

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