Success? Riverside proposed as Local Green Space in Wokingham Local Plan Update but still remains safeguarded as a transport route.

Wokingham Council have listened to the requests to designate the area between the river Kennet and Sonning as Local Green Space and are proposing to combine them into a single proposal.

Map showing the area proposed by WBC to be Local Green Space in the Draft Local Plan
Proposed area to be designated as Local Green Space in the Wokingham Draft Local plan

The full description of the proposed Local Green Space can be found on the Wokingham Borough Council Website, where it is described as, “Land south of the River Thames, Earley / Sonning”. Unfortunately it also proposes:

The area of land identified as a proposed Local Green Space designation is also safeguarded for strategic transport network improvements in Policy CP10 of the adopted Core Strategy (2010) and Policy CC08 of the MDD (2014) local plan (notably a high-quality express bus service or mass rapid transit along the A4 and A329 corridors). Both safeguarding highway schemes are proposed to be carried forward in the Local Plan Update and are identified in Reading Borough Council’s Local Plan (adopted November 2019).

To make sure that the riverside is designated as a Local Green Space write to the planners in Wokingham Borough Council telling them that you support the proposal in the Draft Local Green space, for the Land south of the River Thames / Earley Sonning but that the safeguarding for strategic transport network should be removed. The Wokingham planning policies that refer to this safeguarding are very old and since these plans were created, the plans for the East Reading MRT have been rejected twice. The Wokingham planning department can be reached at:


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